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Rachael and Sam

Call to Adventure


Challenges and Temptations




The Return

Atonementand gift

The letter that his siser is ''sick''. So he goes to take care of the sister, find his borther and son.

The train is the doorway between the known and unknown world.

When he walks the mountain, and realizes that dawn will come whther or not he wants it to.

The boy with the ''brightness'' in him. The milk to save the dying children.Napoleon was the gift from Jarvis to help build the dam.

Realizing the he will not see the fruit of his work, but continues to contribute for the better of the country.

Facing Jarvis in the church was his greatest challange, as well as accepting what his family has done in Johannesburg

When he accepts his daughter in law, and when Jarvis and him go through the same experience together, with the loss of their sons.

Finding his sister, Finding son, and dealing with his brother

Hero's Journey of Kumalo in Cry the Beloved Country

''There was a brightness in him.''- Ch. 25

''This thing that is the heaviest thing of all my years, is the heaviest thing of all your years also.''- Ch. 25


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