[2015] Tia Hall (WCS - U.S. History Part A, WCS English II): Race to the Dan

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[2015] Tia Hall (WCS - U.S. History Part A, WCS English II): Race to the Dan

August 21, 1754- January 15, 1833http://www.battleofcowpens.com/battle-of-cowpens-letters/nathanael-greene-daniel-morgan-16-dec-1780/

July 6, 1736 - July 6, 1802http://www.battleofcowpens.com/battle-of-cowpens-letters/nathanael-greene-daniel-morgan-16-dec-1780/

August 21, 1754- January 15, 1833http://www.battleofcowpens.com/battle-of-cowpens-letters/charles-cornwallis-banastre-tarleton-18-dec-1780/

December 31, 1738- October 5, 1805http://www.battleofcowpens.com/battle-of-cowpens-letters/charles-cornwallis-banastre-tarleton-18-dec-1780/

"Race" to the Dan

On February 14, 1781, Nathaniel Greene achieved one of the greatest victories of the American Revolution.The crossing of Greenes' army was a climactic moment in 'The Race to the Dan”. In December 1780, the British army of General Cornwallis was on the verge of a victory in the south, but Charleston fell and the American army was destroyed at the Camden in SC on August 16. Greene was sent in an effort to resolve the crisis. When he arrives he realized he messed up. He still managed to fix the problem and divided his forces. On December 21 1780, Greene sent Daniel Morgan with his army to South Carolina. Morgan was pursued by Banastre Tarleton, a.k.a "Bloody Ban". After drawing Bloody Ban away from possible reinforcements, Daniel Morgan managed to turn on him and smash his command. He then retreated to North Carolina with prisoners plus a wealthy amount of supplies. Greene then turned HIS army north since he knew that Gen. Cornwallis would be furious about his sudden lose and would try to regain all that he lost. Greene and Morgan moved north rapidly, destroying boats and all the ferries that got in their way. Cornwallis burned all his burdens and was following close behind the too. Shortly after Morgan fell ill, and had to turn his command over, but Greene continues North with his now reunited army: Still with Cornwallis creeping behind. As the Race continued Greene aimed his army to the Dan River; if he could reach the Dan, he would be able to prevent Cornwallis from crossing. This brings us back to where we began. On February 14, 1781, Nathaniel Greene moved his men across the Dan River accomplishing one of the greatest victories in the American Revolution.


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