Quoted From Famous People About Prejudice

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Quoted From Famous People About Prejudice

Quotes from Famous People On Prejudice

W.C Fields was a comedian, so naturally his quote had to be slightly funny but still deliver the meaning. In this quote, he says he has no prejudice against anyone. He hates everyone equally. What he means is he doesn't “dislike” anyone more than anyone else, which means he thinks of everybody equally. What he also means is that he thinks everyone should think of everyone as equal, in which bringing down prejudice. He hoped in the future there would hopefully be no more prejudice as everyone would think of each other as equal.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a british actor famously known for playing Borat and King Julian from Madagascar. His quote explains when one picks a certain group from society and says that you can’t make a joke about them, it means that you are basically prejudicing them. In a way he is correct as even today, one of the most popular things is when someone even says anything to do with black people, whether its positive or negative, someone will say that “that’s racist”. The person who said “that’s racist” was basically prejudicing black people because he claims no one can say anything about them, even if its positive. He is putting a label over their heads, which is also part of the first rung of prejudice, Speech.

E.B. White was an author, most known for writing Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. In this quote he correctly explains how prejudice is formed from opinions without having facts to back the opinions up. He is also right in the way how he says that it is a great time saver. He means it as that people spend a very small amount of time backing their opinions up with the truth. Also, these opinions are formed in very little time as well, without proper judgement. Most of these prejudicial opinions are a bunch of lies. They are generally garbage. This would be the first rung of prejudice, speech, because so far, these opinions are generally just words attempting to harm people.

Clint Eastwood is an american actor, most known for being in cowboy and western films. In this quote, he explains that the less sure someone feels, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice against someone or something else. This could be true, as back in when Spain announced the Edict Of Expulsion, maybe the Inquisition and rulers of the country thought that their power could weaken with the arrival and amount of Jews living there. They could have been worried that they would have no control anymore, no power, and that they would be overthrown. So they decided to kick the Jews out of Spain. Basically what they committed was all the ladders of prejudice in one go.

Martin Freeman is a british actor most famously known for portraying Bilbo Baggins in the three Hobbit films, Sherlocks sidekick Dr. Watson in the T.V series, and for being in each of the Cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End). In his quote, he explains that London, has less prejudice than other places and they feel proud of it. He says that their prejudice is more subtle than lethal, also righting the fact for not killing one another. This could show how London maybe is a more welcoming community than other places in the world, able to accept anyone, no matter of background, nationality or religion, proving it is free of quite a lot of prejudice.


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