Quiz 2: Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension

by carobey
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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Quiz 2: Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension

Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

Vocabulary is...

Speed + Accuracy

The ability to read words quickly, accurately, and with appropriate expression.

Decoding and comprehending simultaneously.

Repetition: multiple encounters with the word allows students to understand the meaning better.

What is that?

Fluency is...

Thinking about and responding to what you read.Connecting relevant and previous knowledge to the reading.Drawing conclusions and making inferences about a text.


Integration: make analogies between what they know and what they're about to learn.

Meaningful use: ask students to demonstrate knowledge of words in a meaningful way, this develops a deeper understanding of the word.

For ELLs:Use a word wall to display high-frequency words!

For ELLs:"Do" the book!Reading a play increases story comprehension and makes students feel more comfortable speaking in English.

For ELLs:Connect words with items or things in the environment!

Allows students to relate to words and their meaning.

If these words are more familiar to the students, they will read them faster when they encounter them in their reading.

Check out this fun song!

Agreat strategy!



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