Quiz 2

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Quiz 2

Read alouds, audio books, small group readings

Students learn from using new words in converstaion, listening to adults and how they use their words, and reading extensively on their own

Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension!

Comprehension Strategies:Prior KnowledgeQuestioningImaginingDetermine important ideasConclusionsJudgements

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Comprehension:Related to vocabulary knowledge and developmentInteraction between reader and text must be thoughtful

Vocabulary-three effective vocabulary instruction: integration, repetition, meaningful use

Vocabulary uses two sources todetermine meaning of unknown words:Context CluesMorphemic Knowledge

English Language Learners considerations:use context, be taught vocabulary explicity, be used in daily curriculum

Comprehension Considerations:Opportunities to develop literacy skills in home languageFigurative language can be complicatedExpose students to quality literaure (graphic organizers, modeling, thinking aloud)



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