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The Persian Empire is the largest empire, by the amount of land that was in it, in ancient times. At the peak of its power the whole empire included 8 million km2. It was orginally created by Cyrus the Great. It is recorded as being an enemy of the Greek city-states and it was under the Bureaucratic administration. The magnificent empire was invaded by Alexander III of Macedon or Alexander the Great. After this it had collapsed and dissenegrated in 330 B.C.


3400-Elamite Kingdom2000- Nomadic peoples553 - Cyrus II539-Capture of Babylon525 - Cambyses II522 - Darius I490-Battle of Marathon

- The invention of using Cement and Brick to build-First civilization to use money or coins like we do today-Vast amounts of road that were eventually used for postal services-Proved to be one of the biggest empires ever built

Lasting Impact

This Empire has influenced some of the complex characteristics of the form of government and architecture that are even used today.


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The Persian Empire



The Persian Empire

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