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Quick Write

Quick Write responses can be categorized as an application of a concept, imaginative ideas, an offered opinion, or justifying an opinion. This strategy was chosen because it helps students make connections with Newton's Law in a summative fashion; all while stimulating thinking skills and where this law may apply in other components of physics.

Quick Writes

Objective: Students will be able to understand Newton's First Law of Motion by demonstrating the motion of an object will not change unless it's acted upon by an unbalanced force via Egg Drop Lab

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You may ask students to:


1) Summarize Egg Drop Lab experiment 2.) Justify a view point based on scientifc observations ( Why did the egg drop in a downward direction instead of in the direction the unbalance force?) i3.) Draw conclusions from a demonstration, lab, or discrepant event (What does Newton's First law clarify for us in this demonstartion?)


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