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Question four

We created a questionnaire, which we posed to a wide range of people in order for us to understand the demographic of our audience, which from then we could appropriately target. We found the core audience was generally men in the age group of 11-30, firstly because most horror films have a rating certificate of 15 due to the content, and secondly due to the fact men interact more with the characters on screen due to surges of masculinity in the situations allowing them to relate. Women also can relate to horror films but usually in a more negative way due to the fact women are usually portrayed as the weak and vulnerable. Additionally, dating couples also make up a large amount of the audience as the man can assert an reassuring power over the women who may feel vulnerable, bringing their relationship closer.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Question Four:

From this research we decided to target our product towards this demographic. We then asked how people watch films, whether it be online, on tv, in the cinema, to then decide the best way to advertise, promote and broadcast our film. The film consumption of most people in our targeted age bracket watched movies on the internet, therefore due to the lifestyle of our core audience we decided to predominantly promote our film through the use of social media such as twitter, YouTube and Facebook and it is vastly used by our specific generation and age group. Similarly, because of the Internet being such a large medium and media tool, our audience could be national as well as international.

Once we had narrowed down our audience, we then asked specifically what themes they enjoy most in horror films. The general consensus from this question was ‘revenge’ ‘murder’ ‘kidnapping’ and ‘isolated areas’. This fit with our story exactly and solidified that this would be our target audience as our film could bring to them exactly what they liked in the horror genre.



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