Question 5

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Question 5

As the aggressor is a an unknown ‘psychedelic man’ that character profile is a terrifying proposition to women in particular and as a result acts as a catalyst to the fears of the female audience. The music raises tension which is an extremely important feature in scaring viewers, as they want to be scared.

Speaking from someone In the age range and someone from a similar background to our target audience I feel we attracted the audience with our film by responding to a more modern and similar narrative to film that have been popular in the past with a ‘young adult’ audience, such as the film ‘Taken’.

Question 5

I know being a teen that abduction within horror was popular amongst a mass of people, and the 'Taken' storyline was related to abduction. Although this was also a thriller film, the scary parts of it such as girl hiding under the bed before being taken, where the most remembered features to the film, therefore emphasizing on them scenes specifically in our short film would create an amazing response.

How did you attract/address the audience?I asked my friend Jana who is 17 years of age to watch my film and feedback to me what was most attractive to her and she identified the following ideas.

Location: Using an establishing shot of the cabin gave the audience immediate recognition og the isolated surrounding of the cabin. The creepy location attracts the audience as it isnt a typical everyday situation, it is unique.

By showing the victims hand at the end, it showed the audience the struggle put up by the victim without showing blood and guts which can make a horror feel less serious and more 'sick'. It is appealing to our audience as it leaves them on a cliffhanger, and also makes us wonder why her firend cant help her, what did she see?

We felt that using a man as the aggressor would attract the female audience as men are seen as he more masculine powerful figures in the eyes of both genders. However we felt the impact on girls would be a lot more emotionally distressing.

Using characters of similar age would be attractive to the audience so they can synpathise with characters and we felt it creates imagery for the audience so they can emphathise with the events.

Showing less of the killer would attract the audience as it would make it less cliche and more mysterious. The use of only facial expressions makes the audience emphathise with the character and feel on edge about the identity of the killer.

The use of mobile phones was a significant feature in our film; as we felt so far the characters had not been well represented and there personalities un-identified. Using mobile phones in are scene shows they are like average teenagers who own modern technology.

Using the editing techniques that we did, demonstrating the compression of time and quick cuts built tension for the audience and made it more exciting by not showing too much gore.



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