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Question 4

The internet made this whole task possible. Without internet consumers would not be able to readily view music videos, this means the industry as a whole would not of grown to the size it is now! Throughout researching access to the internet was vital to us so we could research existing products, directors and record companies; present our research online; make our music video available to the world. Internet 2.0 (such as Blogger) was extremely helpful for me, as it meant I could personalise this project even more.


This meant that I could access millions of different music videos in order to research conventions to enhance the quality of our own music video. However due to the large amount of Content on YouTube, some niche artists music videos became hard to distinguish if it was official or a tributes to the song. However a little bit of online research usually helped me to clarify this. Our target audience are stereotypically high users of social media, including YouTube. This means that by publishing our own music video on there, our audience will easily be able to access it and it will be available for a wide range of people to watch. YouTube is also used by many other people who are not in our main target audience, this means that our video will reach even more people and hopefully appeal to them even if they are not our main target.

This could allow our own friends (of the target audience) to give us feedback. We also made FaceBook and Twitter sites for Fuse to allow fans to keep up to date with them.Overall social media is now a vital toool within the media industry and can be the make or break of a artist. If fans feel they are 'involved' or interactive with a band they are more likely to continue supporting them and buy their products.

Social Media

Music streaming sites

Sites such as ITunes, Spotify and MTV have become major platforms for consumers to listen to music on. Therefore we made our song available in these formats to access a larger audience. Consumers can either listen for free on YouTube/MTV or pay a price/subscription on Spotify or Itunes.However, although the internet has become a large benefit for the consumer it has also become a burden to conglomerates.Illegal download sites allow consumers to access the artists music for free. This may be an advantage to the consumer (especially the younger generation), it has led to decreases in conglomerates and artists profits; they are not receiving the money they worked for.

How did you use media technologies in the research, planning and evaluation stages?

YouTube was the main site that I used to access music videos, this is because the majority of record labels choose to publish their artists work on the site.

The Internet

As our main target audience consists of young hopefuls and mainstreamers, social media was key throughout this task. Both of these groups are known for using sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This meant that are main method of communication ran through these sites. We posted various surveys and our video itself on our own social media sites.

My favourite out of these Prezi as there are many templates to choose from, or I could start from scratch. This made every presentation slightly different and interactive. Embedding into Prezi is also possible, which made analysing music videos even more convenient.Haiku Deck created very contemporary and modern presentations, however customising it was not very easy. Videos are unable to be embedded to it, which made it very difficult to illustrate my points when analysing music videos. You could also not adjust image sizes. This technologies would be one that I would enjoy using if it was more customisable, however programmes such as Padlet and Emaze were much more user friendly. Using all these sites helped to make my blog and written work more interesting. Otherwise it would of simply been text based which can be very mundane to write and also read.

Blogger was our main website of communication throughout this task. I was familiar with how to use it from AS Media Studies and personal use, however for new comers it is very easy to navigate around and work with.

Using blogger meant that all our research and planning could be in one place which made it all very organised.

Labels within blogger also helped me to section off all my work to make it clear what each post was about. Embedding items into posts was very straightforward which made it look a lot more visually appealing than simply text. YouTube clips, Slideshares, Prezi's and many other methods of presentation could easily be placed into posts. As previously mentioned, internet 2.0 within blogger allowed me to adjust how my blog looked and make it more personal than simply using a template. I adjusted HTML's for many things including centering images, changing fonts, text sizes and spacing. Although I am not an expert in HTML's tutorials online all helped me to achieve a blog that I was proud of! Overall Blogger allowed me to keep my work organused and avoid all the paperwork that I otherwise would of had.

I experimented with many online digital technologies throughout this project. Including Prezi, Emaze, Haiku Deck, Powtoon, Padlet, Slideshare, Survey monkey, Google slides and Time toast. Using these made all my work more interesting and visually appealing than just using text, as this can sometimes be very boring.

Online Digital Technologies

The Internet

Search engines were vital in helping us find out more about the music industry, My go to search engine was Google. Every piece of knowledge I could of possibly needed could be found on Google, this helped me to understand conventions, learn about record labels and research artists. Images can easily be found on Google to help inspire us, and illustrate our thought waves. These were particularly helpful within mood boards and our story board. The only downfall to Google is that search results are often in the billions, this means that relevant information can get lost in the void and becomes hard to ever find. Although this can be narrowed down by using key words, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Search Engines

For my blog, and also the band we created our own logos using Pic Monkey. This gave both the blog and the band a more professional feel as the names were presented more creatively than just text. These logos were then used throughout the whole of our project, and even within our music video and auxiliary tasks.

Pic Monkey

The Apple Mac made finding resources and all these technologies very easy while also allowing me to capture the screen to analyse existing products. Programs such as Final Cut Pro were also available on the Mac's at school which were vital for editing. Quicktime on the Mac's allowed me to even record the screen in order to create a tutorial to teach my classmates how to use green screen. However the only downfall to the Mac was that I did not have one at home and therefore could only carry out practical tasks at school. I was able to carry out my research at home with the use of my Samsung laptop.

Apple Mac/Laptop


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