Guestion 4 evaluation

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Guestion 4 evaluation

Who would be the audience for your media project?

SHIFTYThe clip above is a film called Shifty. This film is very similar to our as the main plot focuses on crime. However as you can see the main focus of modern UK crime is drugs therefore lots of english film are based around this. Because of this we based our film around gang crime, this gives our audience a slightly different take upon gang culture.

To find out target audiences likes and dislikes we created a survey. from this we gathered the the majority of people said for the protaginist to wear casual clothes and the antagonist to wear dark clothes aas it reflects their personality (chavy clothes). We also asked our audience what location we should use, the option were factory, school, house, outside. our audience prefered the factory as this was somthing different. We took all of our audiences answers on board and used them in our film, fro example we used the factory as our main location. However we also used the school as this was easily accesiple for the start of the film and the title sequence. We posted this survey on facebook and twitter as our target audience use these social networks and we new that our friends would be a reliable source.

Characters were largely important as we were aiming at a youger audience therefore we used young actors. To help out target audience identify with and relate to theunderlining problems within our thriller such as youth crime and stereotyping. conforming to stereotypes in this film about youths and gang crime we have attempted to enlarge our audience by allowing older generations to the moral panic.

Deception- our thriller film

When constructing our thriller film we aimed for a youth target audience between the ages of 15-25 this is due to the film containing violence. However the violence is limited and a lot of the fighting/chasing scenes are left to the audiences imagination. To advance upon this we targeted our questionairres toward a younger target audience to get our desired results allowing us to understand what our audience liked about thrillers and which stereotypes the recognized/identified them with to therefore include them in our thriller. as our thriller was aimed towards a younger target audience we added in a vast range of effects, these effects have been used to enhance our media peice. whilst also aiming to directly target the younger audience through the use of a greater range of technology and effects.

We have decided from doing this section of the audience research that our main target audience in terms of age range will be the next generation/ young hopefuls and as they make up around 1/5 of the population it still fits in with our ethos of trying to make sure our film has mass audience appeal. We also hope to have a wider range appeal towards the mainstreamers, as this category makes up around 40% of the population and if we can attract these two markets there is no doubt our goal of mass audience appeal will have been achieved.

Class has a large impact on our society thus we have targeted our film towards a specific class. The demographic we have also aimed our film towards lower class and middle class of society. These were targeted in our film through the use of location, costumes and character casting. Gender is also a key in our thriller film therefore, by using a full male cast we aimed to focus upon the stereotypical male dominant working class society; this would help help lower classes establish a connection. also because of the grimmy nature of our film we are aime for a nache audience within the uk. we got the ideas from shifty which was a small budget film which made good profit.


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