Question 3 'Audiance feedback'

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Question 3 'Audiance feedback'

Results of survey


I needed to find out my audiances likes and dislikes.To do this I created a questionair to survey the audiance. By asking certain questions I was able to gain an uderstanding of my target audiance. I distrubuted this via facebook and youtubethis way i could gain a larger responce. I also aimed the survey towards people within the social group from the target set I was initally aiming it towatds. This allowed me to find out if my video was appealing to the right people. this was importent as I wanted to appeal to the largest quantity of the youth population.

'What have you learned from your audiance feedback'

Question 3

Another way I gained feedback was through phycographics I used a site called find your tribe. to find out which groups of are in the area and the music taste associated with those groups. Within this i found there are three main tribes within the area I live. therefore I focused my choice around music Indies, and townies would both listen to. This is why I chose an artist who is both acoustic and slightly alternative to normal music, however is still mainstream enough to appeal to townies.

This is an extract from where I posted it uppon facebook following this I gained multiple reponces gaining twenty diffrent results from mixed genders. This was posted using survey mokey, It also gave me a vast ammount of feedback from which to base my music video.

Youtube responces helped with understanding my audiances likes and dislikes. I also had positive comments following the changes. these Informed me I was appealing to my audience.

Filmed reactions/Other feedbackI got four random people to watch my draft music video and comment with it. Finding out what they liked and disliked about the video. following this I asked why they liked or disliked a certain factor. This would allow me to understand what parts of my music video worked and which parts needed improving. Over the process of creating my music video I put together multiple drafts. By posting my drafts onto a socal media sight such as Youtube I gained a larger set of veiws, and perhaps opened my video to a larger age range. the comments and online audiances reaction I have been able to Understand which parts might need reworking and adapted my music video accordingly.By using a socail media site to brodcast my music video. I have used Blumer, Brown and McQuail’s uses and gratification theory. which states that audiances arn't passive but active and seek out media. This theory explains why the audiance replied to my media and my reason for distrabuting using an online format.

My audiance


from my survey I have found out my audiances perfers acoustic music. Another thing I found out was my audiance perfered the idea of a story baced video. Therefore I chose this as my base theme.A location that matches genre was a main aspect of the video my audiance found as I'mportent. Therefore I scouted through music videos and found out acoustic music is normally accociated with a jorney or trasition.



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