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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?By: Leah Bolton


Main Production



An example of how I did this was through subtle hints of the colour scheme. This is shown in the images I used for my poster and magazine page. I made sure that the colour teal was included in my ancillary tasks as this was the coloured filter I edited the intro of the film in. I really like the outcome of using this colour filter as it reminds me of a surreal 'other worldly' atmosphere. This is what we intended on achieving in our final product.


Teal coloured filter in film. Screengrab from the movie's intro.

Teal filter over the main image of the mask for the poster.

I used the colour teal as an accent colour for extra features on the magazine page.


Imagery is an important part of media products as it is an important way of allowing the audience to link each media product together. For example, in purgatory, the villain at the end has a unique appearance and therefore will be recognisable to the audience. Because of this I decided to use the villain as the poster's main image and the magazine's main image. I also linked in subtle hints of the plot within the poster by using an image of a key. I merged this in with the title as it symbolises that the way to escape is the get the key. I am very pleased with the outcome of this as it gives the poster a unique style and design. Overall, the images I have used in all of the three products, are consistant which gives the combination of the products and effective overall outcome.

For all of my media products, I needed to ensure that the continutity was consistant. But I also wanted to give my products variation as well. Therefore I linked them all together in subtle ways.


Synergy across my 3 media products.

In real media products, it is rare that the fonts included in the film are replicated in the magazine review. Therefore, I have avoided using the same font as the film title in the magazine article. Instead, I based my magazine title font on fonts used in Empire magazine to make the end product as professional as possible. Even though the magazine title font is not the same as the font used in the film, I do not think it has a negative impact on the synergy of my products. This is because fonts are not as easily noticed by the audience compared to images and colour schemes. While I was designing my poster, I was initially going to use the same font as the title seen in the film (top right image). I tried this out but I recieved feedback from people and they said that a bolder font would be more suitable. Therefore I changed it to this font whereby the lettering is thicker and the letter O has a line through it. I'm very pleased with how this font turned out because it is a unique font which woks well with the overal layout of the poster. I like how the letter O has a gap on it's side. It symbolises a gap for the key to go. Overall, even though my fonts are not consistant in my 3 media products, I do not think that it has a negative imact on the overall package. Seen in real media products, the consistancy of fonts is not as noticable as other aspects.

This is the font I used in the film.

This is the font I used for the magazine article title.

Poster title font


The clear connection of the content in media products is just as crucial as the visual aspects to allow audiences to link the products together. For instance, a clear example of how I have linked the ancillary tasks with the main production is through the use of the film's narrative. For example, the tagline on the poster is "There is no escape." This is a clear association to the narrative as the film follows the protagonist attempting to escape from the house and death. The outcome of this has worked well as it intrigues the audience into the film's plot and therefore makes them want to watch the film. Without this synergy, the audience would have no other way of linking to poster to the film's storyline. Another way I have linked the poster to the film is through the use of reviews as star ratings on the poster. One review by Empire stated that purgatory is a 'tense paranormal experience.' This has a clear link to the film as it's subgenre is a paranormal horror. Having this review on the poster smoothly links in the magazine review. As the review page is based on Empire magazine, I made sure that the tagline on the review page stated the same snippet of review that is on the poster- 'A tense paranormal expierience.' This is another clear sign of synergy and strong consistancy within the main production and ancillary tasks' combination.

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