Question 2

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Social Studies

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Question 2

The ResistanceThe social group dominant in our sequence is White British Teenagers from a Middle Class background. They are girls who love socialising with friends and having a gossip. They are not like typical representation of teen girls. In Britain, there are a lot of films on youth that surround sex, drugs and gangs such as the film ‘Kidulthood’, and in America; especially chick flicks, girls are represented as ‘bitchy’ or eccentric. However we have gone against conventions by creating characters that live average lifestyles; which is more of a realistic representation of what teen life, especially in Britain is really like, making the film less cliché and typically commercial. All of the characters in the Resistance wear limited make-up and dress casually, they talk about there parents and how 'Emilie' likes to spend time with them in this cabin in the holidays. They are not eccentric or within a particular social group or in any sticky situations that teens in 'chickflicks' are always inn, or films relating to 'gang culture'. They are a group of normal girls with no issues relating to sex, drugs or relationships. This makes them very unique and conveys the film as a whole with multiple USP's.

1) Age2) Gender3) Representation4) Stereotype5) Behaviour

Kidulthood Representation

Character: Lucy

Character: Emilie

Typical teen representation: Mean Girl Cast


How does your media product represent particular social groups?


Question 2



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