Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

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Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The clothing i used challenges the sexualisation of women (Laura Mulvey male gaze theory) within my video and in the magazine advert. Wearing a simple black strap vest, and a bright blue tropical vest. Outfits are safe and focus the audience onto their appearance rather than their body. Similar to the video as i do not sexualise the females, rather focusing on friendship, helping through a relationship.

Having positive reviews from well known companies, newspapers who review music artists helps promote my artist successfully. The five stars show my audience that the artists music has been recognised as something different and interesting.

I used the same font throughout my ancillary texts, to reinforce brand identity between the products. 'Moon Flower' was a fun font which i was able to download from the webside '' and then use it on photoshop to place on my images. I liked the font because it wasn't thick or blocky and fitted with the look of my images more than some of the other fonts. The white upon black background was the best colour fit in order for the name of the artist to stand out.

The artists facial expressions look fierce and assertive with their closed mouth smile/pout, staring into the camera and with the close up shot used shows the dominance within the photo. The almost serious look on their face shows they are strong females and are here to stay within the music industry and further establish themselves within the pop industry. I chose to tint the colouring within the image to a pink/purple as it is a very feminine colour and gives off a warm vibe, standing out against the plain black background and white bold text. They are the centre and main attraction of the advert therefore through selling themselves as an artist this single image is significantly larger than much of the text within the poster.

Fans/audience can contact and keep up with daily posts/news feeds/photographs of the artists on popular social networking sites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These icons show they are up to date with current trends and technology. Appeals to a young audience, fanbase.

Two similarily posed images of my artists which will be on the inside of my digipak, blue/purple/pink tint was done through photoshop, keeping with the colour consept and design of my magazine advert.

Pink/purple kaleidoscope effect was actually done in final cut pro X as this effect was not available in photoshop. Lots of colours making up the disk, fitting with the concept and the conventions of the pop genre how the images are colourful/girly.

Creative image of the two artists, it is actually two seperate images cropped and put together within photoshop, changing the tint of the colouring beforehand. Two colours stereotypically represent a male and female with the pink/blue tints, used to represent the relationship aspect/narrative to my music video.

Colourfull design on t-shirt, logo of a pink female lion,symbolistic of power of these females.Continuous theme of colouring, linking with the costumes from the video and how they were bright/colourful, enforcing pop conventions further.

Layering of a power paint splash on my artists, making the link between my digipak front cover and the first scenes within my music video, creating this continuity within my ancillary texts. Bold image of my artists promoting themselves by having their album name self titled.

Same font used in both ancillary texts, font used on front of digipak and also on the disk, and pannels.

Close up shot to establish and reinforce Andrew Goodwin's theory of star image which is a popular convention within ancillary texts of other pop artists i have found.

The word 'splash' directly links to the first scene of my video, 'splash' would mean stepping into a puddle and making a mess, refering to the mess of colour made in the beginning. The imagery around my production title is colourful and uses paint splashes which adds more colour and reinforces my concept within my video.


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