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Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake is best known as an illustrator, but he has authored several of his own books. He has worked with authors such as Dr. Seuss, Michael Rosen, and most famously Roald Dahl. All together, Quentin Blake has illustrated over 300 books!

Some books I've illustrated include:-The Twits-The BFG-George's Marvelous MedicineSome books I've authored include:-Mrs. Armitage Queen of the Road-Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave-ClownI've even got some books that give you tips on drawing!

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*He dropped out of Chemistry so that he could take art classes while in school! *He knew he had developed his own style by his early 20’s. *While he has authored several books, he finds it easier to let his pictures tell his stories, instead of his words. This tells me he is a VISUAL learner. *He went to a formal art school AFTER he went to University and Teacher’s College, and only as a part time student!*Quentin Blake illustrated a large number of Roald Dahl’s books. The author often called the illustrator asking for more pictures--he always wanted to showcase Quentin’s work.*While not illustrating, Quentin Blake enjoys spending his time around other artists’ works and reading. He often give lectures as well. *He was the first ever Children’s Laureate in the United Kingdom in 1999. This means he was recognized for his outstanding work over his entire career.*In early 2013, Quentin Blake was knighted by the Prince of Wales. He is now formally known as Sir Quentin Blake. It is very rare that an illustrator gets this honor!

Want MORE?!Visit Quentin Blake's website here!Here you will find everything from book descriptions to tips on drawing your own characters!

Fun Facts about Quentin Blake!

*Having been born in the 1930's in what is now considered London, there wasn't much support present for students who were Gifted and Talented.*Quentin simply followed the school model that all students followed...drawing all the while.*Quentin's EP goals would likely be in the domain of Problem Solving, since his creative thinking is a strength, and in the domain of Products and Performances, since he is so clearly talented in this area. These goals would help him to build up his strengths as an artist while complimenting his General Education career.*I would assign him open-ended projects that allowed him to utilize his artistic skills, such as creating a wordless book on a topic of his intrest.

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