Quench the thirst

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Quench the thirst

By: Emmett Peery

Link to a website about basic information about Tanzaniahttp://www.mapsofworld.com/tanzania/culture/

Quench the Thirst

Culture of Tanzania Tanzania used to speak over 100 languages. After the revolution, however, the government made the official language Swahilian. Some eminent writers in Tanzania are Adam Shafi, Chachage Seith Chachage, and Euphrase Kezilahabi. Makonde sculpture is quite famous in Tanzania and few noted Tanzanian painters are Stephen Ndibalema, Elias Jengo and Mohammad Raza. Tingatinga artwork is one of the most popular art styles in Tanzania. Bongo Flava, a hip hop style music in Tanzania, is extremely popular in teens in Tanzania. Ottu and Sikinde are some of the most notable bands in Tanzania.

Education in Tanzania Education has taken many strides in the past few years. Since the eradication of school fees for primary schools, enrollment for primary schools expanded to 95% in 2009 The proportion of enrolled 7-13 year olds ranges from 70% in Tabora to 100% in Mwanza. The proportion of boys to girls in primary schools is nearly equal. However, on the secondary school level, enrollment for girls was 44%, a 3% decrease. The United Nations have reached out, and helped the government of Tanzania to provide quality education to every class of society. Despite a 300% rise in cost of education, Tanzania has failed to attract sufficient teachers.

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