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Animal AdaptationsCarpet pythons has special pits on its upper and lower lips so they can find warmth and prey in the darkness of the rainforest. Bee flies have lots of differet types of camouflage similar to a chameleon.

Human Actions affecting Climate ChangeLogging can become a big threat to climate change in this rianforest as it can take out natural shaded parts of the forst and cause animals that need that shade to die off. also, many animals rely on the trees as a habitat Mining can also be a big threat because most mining operations use blast mining and this can harm the animals. Private buisnesses can also be a big part of this because many people are moving to australia due to lower living rates and people may want to live or operate a buisness near a beatiful forest and this will take land away from the animals.

Queensland Rain Forest

Impact AssessmentRecovery can become a very slow process in the rainforest due to activities such as bull dozing heavy or long term grazing and forest fires. These activities can cause the forests dirt to erode because there is no trees to support it. Many animals can die off as well because of the fire and bulldozers and they also lose their home due to these things.

Climate effects on SpeciesThere is a lot of Climate Change going on in the Queensland area. In this raiforest if the average tempature increass by just 2°C it can cause some animals to go extinct. In the past50 years 17 plant species have become extinct. 42 plant, 3 mammal, 3 bird, 9 frog and 2 butterfly species are currently endangered.

5 - 6 Kwh/m^2/Day for solar enery consumption

As you can see, the jet stream and global wind systems affect the Queensland rainforest by how much rain they get. The rainforst is on the upper northeastern tip of Australia, right where the tropical cyclones and monsoon rains pass through.

Technologies usedOne technology used to monitor the climate change in the Australian rainforest is solar powered microclimate indicators to measure climate change effects such as carbon dioxide concentration and air and soil temperature Scientists are also working on a technology to preserve species that are in need of conserving by using the "deep freeze" idea. It is however, quite controvercial and currently just being developed.

Logging in Australian rainforests

Tree Kangaroo

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