Queensland, Australia By Roger And Luke

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Queensland, Australia By Roger And Luke

Must See!Great Barrier ReefRainbow BeachThe Gold CoastFraser Island

Fast FactsQueensland is the 2nd biggest state in Australia covering 1,722000 km. The average summer temperature is 25 degrees celcius.Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland.

Australia state:Queensland

This is the awesome rainbow beach.

A famous built site.

The Australian Stockmans Hall Fame is built beside a large waterhole on the stock route through out back Queensland.

This is Queensland.

This is Australia in all its glory.

Intresting Fact:Captain Cooks ship the Endeaver got stuck on the great barrier reef in June of 1770.

The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral formation in the world that you have to visit when you go to Queensland.

This is The Gold Coast!

Fraser Island is the worlds biggest sand Island.It is at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef opposite Hervey Bay and Maryborough on the Queensland Mainland.


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