Queen Hatshepsuts

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Queen Hatshepsuts

-Hatshepsut died of cancer-She died around 1458 around her mid 40's-She married her half-brother, Thutmose the Second-Called firstbrave woman in historys first great woman of mystery-Hatshepsut had 4 siblings, she was the only one to survive them.

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One day a man discovered Hatshepsuts name and he was the first to do so in 2000 years and discovered a mystery ....there were two kings on the wall one of them he knew which was Thutmose the Third, he would see his name up and down the nile but the second he didnt know who he was, King Hatshepsut. In his journel, it says the one who wears the pharaoh beard, is feminine but wore a mens kilt. It took him about 100 years to figure it out... Hatshepsut was a female who decided to wear mens clothing, and call herself pharaoh.

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Queen Hatshepsut was married to Thutmose the second , her half-brother, he was the pharaoh of the New Kingdom, which also made her a pharaoh. After Thutmose the Second died, Hatshepsut's half son was supposed to be the '' replacement pharah'' but he was too young so Hatshepsut kept ruling until he grew up. After Hatshepsut died, around 1458 around her mid 40's, her half son tried to erase her memory there and destroyed all of her things she built as a pharaoh.

Queen Hatshepsut

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