Queen Isabella

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Queen Isabella

the life of Queen isabElla

A Catholic

When Columbus came back from his journey Queen Isabella welcomed him into her castile. He owed her 10% of the profits that he made because of the ships she gave him. She was a very big help to Columbus. She had a wonderful family that she loved and cared for. But right now we will talk about her children, and that will be a long story to tell. Queen Isabella had seven children yet only five of them survived infancy. Her first born was a girl whom she named Isabella, the second child she had was a boy named John, then Joanna, Maria, and finally the youngest child, Catherine.

She loved her kids dearly even during the time of LIFE and DEATH. Isabella was born in the year of 1470, and died in 1498 at only 28 years old. John was born in the year of 1478 and sadly died at youngest age of only 19 years old. Then Joanna whom lived the longest age of 76 years old, she was born in the year of 1479 and died in 1555. Maria was born in 1482 and died in 1517, she died at age 35. Lastly Queen Isabella’s daughter Catherine who was born in 1485 and died in 1536, leaving her to die at the age of 51. Queen Isabella loved her family.

Queen Isabella was a very fun topic to write about. Since I love learning about new people and seeing how the life so long ago was lived. I have always loved knowing what happened during medieval times. Well, this was a very fun research report to write and I hope that you have enjoyed listening to it. Have a nice day, God bless.

Queen Isabella Queen Isabella is a wonderful person with a great life story. She had a nice family of hers and was a great ruler of her kingdom. She was a very sweet and kind Queen who loved the Lord. She was a Catholic who took her beliefs seriously. She had very nice children, but lost a couple when they were only babies. She is a very exciting topic to write about and I am enjoying almost every second of it.Queen Isabella had a great life story. But she didn’t start out Queen. She had no choice but to rule the kingdom after her brother Henry IV ascended the throne of Castile. She married king Ferdinand and together they became rulers of Aragon. During that time period Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand had to deal with invaders. They had to get rid of them. The invaders were people who disagreed with the way Queen Isabella and Ferdinand chose to rule their kingdom. Queen Isabella was an American hero. She helped Christopher Columbus. She gave him the three ships that he used to find America with. They were named ,the Santa Maria, the Nina, and the, Pinta.

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