Queen Isabel II.

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Queen Isabel II.

Queen Isabel II.

1830Isabel II was born.

1840End of the Carlist War.Law of Town halls.End of the regency of María Cristina.

1859War of Morocco.Prince Alfonso was born.

His birth and subsequent ascension to the throne caused the beginning of a long dynastic conflict, since his uncle, the infant Carlos Maria Isidro de Borbón, hitherto first in succession to the crown, did not accept that Isabel was named Princess of Asturias and then Reina from Spain. His opposition to the Pragmatic Sanction forced Fernando VII to exiled abroad. The division between Elizabethan Carlist and eventually led to the First Carlist War.

Isabel II reigned during a period of transition in Spain where the monarchy gave more political power to parliament, but put continuing obstacles to the participation of citizens in government affairs. In the field of the struggle for democratic freedoms his reign was a failure; also falsified institutions and electoral corruption spread.

Isabel II died in Paris in 1904 and was buried in the monastery of El Escorial front of the remains of her husband.

1863Goverment Narváez.

1833Isabel is named Princess of Asturias.Beggins the first Carlist War.

1904Death of Isabel II.

1870Isabel II abdicated in his son, Prince Alfonso.

1845-1846Constitution of 1845.Wedding Isabel II with Francisco de Asís.

1868Narváez death.September Revolution ("La Gloriosa").Destronement and exile of Isabel II.Provisional Goverment.

1843Espartero uprising against his rule and end of his regency (1841).Isabel II is proclamed greater age at 13.


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