Queen Hatshepsut

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Queen Hatshepsut

By- Sara Cao12/8/2015

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Queen Hatshepsut:Foremost of Noble Ladies

-parents are Thutmose I and Ahmes-husband is Thutmose II, also her half-brother-had a daughter with Thutmose II, Neferure

-established trade networks that were destroyed during Hykos' occumaption and built the wealth-led a famous expedition to the Land of Punt and traded goods for frakincence (used to make eyeliner) and also brought back 31 live myrrh trees--led many successful military campaigns in Nubia, the Levant, and Syria with a peaceful foreign policy

Apperance as Pharaoh

-wore the double crown of upper and lower Egypt-dressed like a male with a fake beard that curved up

-died from bone cancer -believed to be buried in the tomb of her wet nurse, Sitre-Re, in KV60-lived for about 50 years (1508-1458 BC)-many people liked Hatshepsut and she hadfull support from powerful priests of Amun-also people resented her because she was awoman

-one of the most prolific builders in Egypt-hired Ineni, a famous architect-bult her own mortuary temple in a complex at Deir-el-Bahri, one of the most famous temples in Egypt

Pharaoh Thutmose II

Mortuary Temple

-claimed Amun, lord of Thebes had named her as ruler ofEgypt and rewrote her life story on her temple stating that she had been born from a liason between Amun and Ahmose to justify her spot as queen-adopted the title of "Gods Wife of Amun"


Major Accomplishments

Family Members

Death and People's Opinions

Building Projects

Video of Hatshepsut

Religion-Relation with Atum

Interesting Facts

-the Egyptians had no word for "queen"so she was the same title as a male-pharaoh or king-not the first queen of Egypt-most prosperous female ruler in Egypt-ruled from 1478-1458 BC (18th dynasty)-her heir was Thutmose III, who was supposed to be king of Egypt, but wasan infant when his father died


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