Queen Hatshepsut

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Queen Hatshepsut

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Queen Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut was the daughter of King Thutmose I and Queen AhmoseAfter her father died at age 12, she married her half-brother, Thutmose II He died early, leaving her a widowed mother before age 30!Together, she and Thutmose II had one daughter: Neferure After her husband died, her stepson was to become king, but he was still a infant, so she took the throneHatshepsut claimed that the god Ra came to her and said "Welcome my sweet daughter, my favorite, king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare Hatshepsut. Thou art king, take possesion of the two lands"She was a very peaceful queen, and she oversaw the misson and funding to the land of Punt, etsablished and fixed trade routes that had been broken,She built Temple of Pakhet, Deir el-Bahri, and two obelisks, one of them still stands today

Hatshepsut was born 1508 B.C. and died 1458 B.C.Was the fifth pharoh of the eightenth dynastyHer full name is : Hatshepsut Ma'at-ka Ra Ma'at-ka Ra means "Truth/Order/Balance spirit/double of Ra Hatshepsut ment "Foremost of noble ladies"She wore the king's royal crown, his clothes, and false beard too!Also most in pictures, she had a man's bodyShe did that because she knew there would cotroversy around a woman king, and she wanted to show she was a good leaderShe reigned from 1473-1458 B.C. for 20-22 yearsShe was considerd one of the most successful rulers of Egypt

How Queen Hatshepsut died is a mystery. She sufferd from diabetes, and arthiritus, and bad teeth. She also had bone cancer that had spread throughout her body at age fifty-ish. Recently, we have found out that Hatshepsut might have poisoned herself with skin cream, and given herself cronic skin diesease. After her death, Thutmose III began to eradicate all memory of Queen HatshepsutHe destroyed or defaced all her statues and monuments, erased many of her insriptions, and constrocted a wall around her obelisksNo one knows why Thutmose III did this.


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