Queen Hatshepsut

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Queen Hatshepsut

Queen Hatshepsut

Family•Father-King Thutmose I•Mother-Queen Ahmose•Siblings-Half-brother Thutmose II•Children-Neferure

•Since Thutmose III was too young to take over the throne and Hatshepsut only had a daughter, Hatshpesut became the regent.•Eventually became pharoah.

Ascent to Power

•1508 B.C.

New Look•Beard•Male Clothing•Depicted in Statues as a Pharaoh

Death•Queen Hatshepsut died in February of 1458 B.C.•Scientists believe that she died from a carinogenic ointment that she was using to alleviate a chronic skin condition.

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Reign•Egypt prospered under her rule. •Interested in ensuring economic prosperity, building and restoring monuments.•Took a trip to Punt and returned with several goods.

•1508 B.C.•New Kingdom


By: Whitney Crawford & Cynthia Gould


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