Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I

-Elizabeth was born September 7th 1533-Her parents were Anne Boleyn and King Henry IIV -Siblings were Mary I and King Edward I-Elizabeth came into power at the age of 25-She refused to marry and never had children-In her childhood she was considered to be very simple-Heir to the throne as child-Stripped of title when Edward was born-Edward became king at the age of 9-When he died Mary I took over-Elizabeth created a new government as Queen-"Seeming powerful is essential to actual power"-Elizabeth was very interested in government

Book by: Jane Resh Thomas

Behind the Mask The Life of Queen Elizabeth I

-Elizabeth did all of England's finnances herself-her power was described as tyranny, intimidation, and charm-Elizabeth was the first to order church services to be said in english-She was a Protestant-Believed she would gain and keep power if she looked powerful-Was involved in heheadings, hangings, and burning at the stake-she was devoted to her subjects-She dramatized her connection with her subjects-She died at the age of 63 after suffering from illness

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