Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth was an outstanding leader. Her father was king Henry the eight,and her mother was Anne boleyn. She was born at Greenwich, England. Her early years she studied very hard. She was even told to be a very sharp young lady. After her half-sister's death in 1558, she was crowned queen. When she wanted to marry, she hoped she could marry her lifelong friend, Robert Dudley. But, she never did.


1558 - She became queen1559 - Coronation1587 - The golden age1588 - Military threat1603 - Death

Queen Elizabeth was known for her not marrying. But, that is not what she accomplished. She accomplished a golden age for England. She was reinging in a famous war, The spanish armanda.

Lasting Impact

She was the only queen to not be married. She rufused to be married after all proposions. She just told them that she was married to the kingdom of england.


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Elizabeth I



Queen Elizabeth I


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