Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I


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September 7th 1533 Queen Elizabet was born

On May 2nd 1536, Elizabeth's mother Anne Boleyn was arrested and locked in the Tower

1537 Elizabeth was declared illegitimate

1547 - King Henry VIII, father of Queen Elizabeth dies

1548 - 1551 - Elizabeth the First leaves the household of Katherine Parr because of rumors of a love affair with Thomas Seymour. Princess Elizabeth I returns to the court of the young King Edward in the year 1551

1558 - Queen Mary I leaves for heavenly abode on November 17th and on the same day Elizabeth I is declared as the next Queen of England

1560 On July 6, the Queen of England signed the Treaty of Edinburgh between England, France and Scotland

1559 januraray 13 Elizabeth I was crowned as the queen of england

1603 - On March 24, Queen of England, Elizabeth the First died of blood poisoning

Queen elizabeth national park .

Elizabeth I Coronation Procession

Queen Elizabeth I signature

Queen Elizabeth riding the chariot of Fame.

1585 On August 14, Queen Elizabeth the First declined the offers of Dutch commission for sovereignty of the Low Countries. However, she brought Netherlands under the protection of the crown

Queen Elizabeth 1st Intelligent, clever, courage’s, educatedDaughter of Anne Boleyn and king henneryFamily, her husband, being queenSadness, happiness, braveryLosing her family, being poisoned, Defeated the Spanish armadaShe likes to go hunting and dance She was born in Greenwich palacewindsor

Queen Elizabeth1st is interesting because of her English began world power and Renaissance came to Britain her impact was that she presided over a lengthy period of peace and prosperity. She was interesting because Under Elizabeth the idea that a woman could lead a nation was solidified. Elizabeth was special because she could talk many languages like Greek French and Scottish. What impacted the world was her intelligence and flare permeated every strata of society, so that fashion, the arts, music and literature were able to take huge leaps forward. The image of Elizabeth's reign is one of triumph and success. Elizabeth was a successful monarch. Adjectives that describe queen Elizabeth are clever courage’s, educated. Queen Elizabeth achieved an excellent reputation as a good and wise ruler; she was highly accomplished in the art of rhetoric and public relations. Queen Elizabeth I was intelligent and gifted. She could read, write, and speak French, Italian, Latin and some Greek. Apparently she had a flare for languages. She could also play musical instruments like the virginals and lute. Queen Elizabeth the 1st was arguably one of the strongest female monarchs in history proving that a woman could successfully be the soverign head of a nation. She had many obstacles she had to go through. Primarily, Queen Elizabeth faced countless struggles in uniting a religiously divided England. Also, she dealt with lots of social pressure to marry another political figure and she faced great dangers from people who tried to remove her from the throne. It would be worse because she’s the one who encouraged education. Elizabeth listened to the community and what they had to say. Mary queen Elizabeth’s half-sister tried to change peoples' religions to Christian, the way she wanted it. But, Elizabeth did not, she let people be themselves, and that is how Queen Elizabeth I changed the world



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