Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I

Through the 69 years Queen Elizabeth I lived, 44 of them as the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth I accomplished many different things. Queen Elizabeth I took the throne after her half-sister Queen Mary, who had made a horrible mess of England, but Elizabeth managed to prove that women could rule by becoming one of the best rulers England ever had. When she took the throne Queen Mary had gotten England in a very costly war with France but with almost no money Elizabeth was able to end the war with France and turn England into a powerful empire. Also she managed to win an extremely hard war that no one thought England could win against the Spanish Armada. She was a very powerful ruler and plunged England into a golden era. Queen Elizabeth I proved a very hard thing; women could rule just as good as a man. Back in the 1500’s women did not have the same rights as men and many people believed that women could not rule as well as men. When Elizabeth inherited the throne from Mary’s death England was a mess and nobody thought that a women could change that since a women (Queen Mary) had made that mess. Queen Elizabeth I worked hard and was a diplomatic genius and by making new laws and signing the “Religious Settlement” which brought back the Church of England. By the time Elizabeth was done with England it was a major power that’s why many people called it the “Golden Age” or “Elizabethan Age”, she really proved just how well a woman could rule. On November 17th 1558 when Queen Mary I died Queen Elizabeth took the throne. Mary had plunged England into a very expensive war with France and there was almost no money left. Queen Mary was a very strong catholic and believed that Protestants should be executed or tortured. When Elizabeth became Queen she defended the Protestants in her continent by creating the Elizabethan Religious Settlement. The Act of Supremacy of 1559 helped her re-established the Church of England. One of her biggest concerns when she first got the throne was about England’s religion and helping the Protestants from being hurt. She managed to turn England around completely from what Queen Mary had done to many of the English citizens.Queen Elizabeth I also proved to be a strategic genius by defeating the Spanish armada. When the Spanish Armada attacked England Queen Elizabeth and her advisors came up with genius ideas to defeat them. When the Spanish were coming up the English Channel the English loaded their old ships with Gunpowder, set fire to them and pushed them towards the Spanish ships this caused 14 of the Spanish ships to sink. The Spanish were then forced into the North Sea where they were caught in a bunch of storms, which sank over 60 of their ships which left the rest of the crews scared so they abandoned their plan and sailed home. Forcing the Spanish into the North Sea was one of the big factors in the English’s win causing all the English people to view Queen Elizabeth I as a great Queen and a strategic genius. Queen Elizabeth was a very good Queen in many, many people’s opinions. She became the best women ruler that England ever had at that point, and proved that women were just as powerful as men. She also was able to restore the Church of England and protect the Protestants. Not to mention she proved to be a strategical genius when faced with the Spanish Armada. All in all she was a powerful ruler who certainly left her mark on England but sadly passed away on March 24th, 1603.

Elizabeth was raised like a princess, she had a very high education and many servants to look after her but she was believed to have been desperately seeking her father’s love, since she could not receive any love from her mother. Her mother Anne Boleyn was beheaded when charged for adultery (a crime which many people believe she did not commit) when Elizabeth was only three years old. She grew up with servants, nannies and most of the time her half siblings Mary (daughter of Catherine of Aragon) and Edward (son of Jane Seymour). Her father King Henry VIII desperately wanted a son, so that he would one day take the throne but in order to find a wife who would give birth to a son Henry went through a lot of wives. There is a rhyme stating the ways he went through his six wives. “King Henry the Eighth, to six wives he was wedded. One died, one survived, two divorced, two beheaded.” Elizabeth had a good childhood and was very well educated although sometimes neglected by her father she still was raised at a much higher standard then most children living in her era.

The book “ The Royal Diaries Elizabeth I Red Rose of the House of Tudor” is Queen Elizabeth I’s childhood told through "her" diary entries. It is a look into her life and helps make sense of her crazy childhood including her battles and strange encounters with her half-sister Mary and how she is believed to have felt as her father King Henry IIIV goes through all his wives. It is not her real diary and is not 100% true but it is based on all the things known about her childhood and lets people ages 8-80 find out more about her life and is truly quite interesting. It’s an easy read and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to find more information about her or someone who just wants a good book to read.

Her Acomplishment's

“Elizabeth” the movie is a story of Queen Elizabeth I’s life. It starts out while Queen Mary is still ruling and Elizabeth (played by Cate Blanchett) is sent to the tower. It gives you a better look at how she became Queen and what decisions she made that changed England so much. This is what the back of the movie says “Cate Blanchett, Golden Globe winner for Best Actress in a Drama, along with Geoffrey Rush, Richard Attenborough and John Gielgud lead a remarkable cast in a thriller of intrigue in the court of one of history’s greatest monarchs, Queen Elizabeth I. England, 1554. Young passionate Elizabeth Tudor (Cate Blanchett) comes to the throne amidst bloody turmoil. Among her courtiers are the venerable Sir William Cecil (Attenborough), her lover the Earl of Leicester (Joseph Fiennes), the imperious Duke of Norfolk (Christopher Eccleston), and her advisor Walsingham (Rush). She must learn to weigh her counsel carefully and ignore her private yearnings if she is to keep her crown – and her head.”

Queen Elizabeth I

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"There is nothing about which I am more anxious than my country, and for it's sake I am willing to die ten deaths, if that be possible."- Queen Elizabeth I

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