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Social Studies

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Stay here on your visit!-Ozone L'hotel (pictured left) -Fairmount Le Chataeu Frantena-L'hotel Quebec

Poutine just might be Quebec’s signature food. The messy pile of fries, gravy, and cheese curds isn’t new, but in recent years it’s experienced a renaissance, spreading across Canada and beyond. Gourmet versions have appeared in trendy gastro-diners and even the New York Times has jumped on board, celebrating poutine’s arrival in Manhattan.

HISTORY -first people : the Cree, Innu, Attikamek, Algonquin, Abenaki, Malecite, Micmac, Inuit -Iroquois lived in villages along the St. Lawrence River. They grew squash, beans and maize. -Montagnais Nation (Innu) were hunters and gatherers who lived in birchbark covered wigwams. -Inuit of the north hunted seals, whales and polar bears. -Explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in 1534 and claimed the land for France. -Samuel de Champlain set up a colony called New France in 1608. -Farmers called "habitants" settled there. -British and French fought the Seven Years' War.-The war ended when Québec City was captured by the British (1759). -Loyalists arrived from the U.S. (1781) and settled farther west up the river. -The area was divided into Upper Canada (English speaking) and Lower Canada (mainly French speaking) in 1791. -The Act of Union in 1840 united Upper and Lower Canada and established the Province of Canada. -In 1867 the Province of Canada was divided into Ontario and Quebec.-Québec became one of the four original provinces of the Dominion of Canada, along with Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in 1867.

-The Winter Carnival is held in Québec City in February. Activities include winter sports, dances, ice sculptures, dog sled races, parades and concerts. "Bonhomme" is the snowman mascot.

There are many attractions to see in Quebec, this video can highlight some things in Quebec to do and see.

Here is a map of Quebec!

Fast Facts-the largest province -located in eastern Canada-capital city is Québec City -largest city is Montreal -a French-speaking province -flower - the Blue Flag, tree - Yellow Birch, bird - Snowy Owl -"Québec" came from the Algonquin word "kepék" meaning "the place where the river narrows." -nicknamed "La Belle Province" because of the diverse landscape and architecture -motto - "Je me souviens" which is French for "I remember".


Be sure to visit these restaurants of Quebec-XI Pour Bistro-Restaurant La Taniere-Restaurant Initial-Restaurant Legende

Flag of Quebec!


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