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Quebec city tours

One of Quebecs signature foods is called Poutine,Its a messy pile of fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

Contact InfoQuebec City Tours77037 Natures View Ct Quebec City, 2278312.84.QUEBECKquebeckcitytours@gmail.comOpen year round Monday-Sunday8:00-11:00

La Place-Royale During the Winter Carnival La Place-Royale is one of the busiest place around. It's managed by the Musée de la civilisation, the Place Royale is layered with cute buildings and cobble stone streets. Its a place where you want to spend a day roaming la Place Royale.

Qubec city still has many old buildings, including Chateau Frontenac and the Citadel, they're both designed in the style of an old castle.

A winter party called the Carnaval du Quebec has been held in Quebec City since 1954. Other cities in Canada hold this event too but the Quebec Winter Carnival is the biggest of them all! People from all around Canada come just to see this extravaganza! The festival's symbol is a snowman in a red hat and woven belt. The snowman roams the streets taking pictures with eagar adults and children. The main attraction ;of the Carnival is the crowning of the Festival Queen with a special ceromony to go with it. A new queen is chosen every year from among the many local girls that take part in the competition, followed by that ceromony is a formal ball held at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, that celebrates the crowning of the newly crowned queen. The soiree de la Bougie, meaning Night of the Candle, is another attraction of the festival. Thousands of candles add a glow to the city at night.

The St. Lawrence River, is one of the longest rivers in the world. Jacques Cartier first explored the St. Lawrenece River in the 16th century, the long river has been a lifeline for the Québecers who made their homes on its shores.

Covering such a huge area the climate of Quebec has wide temperature variations. In the south, where most of the population lives, the weather is continental, with four seasons varying from hot summers (June to August) to cold, snowy winters and lots of rain. The central region has longer colder winters and shorter cooler summers, while the far north experiences a severe Arctic climate with a freezing winter and continuous coldness. Winter can vary from five months in the south to eight months in the north, averaging between 14º and -13ºF

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