Quartering Act 1765

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Quartering Act 1765

Quatering Act

The Quartering Act made provisions for the British troops to be housed and feed by the colonist. The Quartering Act were amendments to the Mutiny act. It was orignallyintended as a response to problems that were during the French and Indian War. The colonist were never in favor for this act. American colonistwere forced to provide essentials that British troops may need. Including a house to live in for a period of time.

Picture of colonist getting invaded from British Troops

The Quartering Act was actually an extension of the Mutiny Act of 1686 which had clauses pertaining to the housing of British soldiers in homes in the American colonies.This act required the colonist to not only provide shelter for the British soldiers but also to provide food, bedding, beer, candles, salt, cider, firewood, and eating utensils.The Quartering Act effected all of the colonies not just Boston.Though the troops were sent to the colonies to protect them they actually ended up being the ones to hurt them.Never favored by the colonist.


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