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Parllelograms- any quadrilaterl with two pairs of opposite sides that are parallel Rectangle-Any parallelogram that has 4 right angles.Square-Parallelogram with four congruent sides and four congruent angles.Rhombus-Any parallelogram with 4 congruent sides.

Interior angles always = 360 degrees


Finding the Fourth Angle of a QuadrilateralThe sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral are equal to 360o. To find the fourth angle of a quadrilateral when the other three angles are known, subtract the number of degrees in the other three angles from 360.Example: How many degrees are in the fourth angle of a quadrilateral whose other three angles are 80 and 110 and 95? Answer: 360 - 80 - 110 - 95 = 75

What is a quadrilateral??A quadrilateral is a 2 dimensional polygon with four sidesWhat are two types of quadrilaterals?Parallelograms and Non Parallelograms

Kite-Parallelogram with two pairs of adjacent sides congruent and without opposite sides congruent.Trapezoid-Quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.Isosceles Trapezoid-Trapezoid with two non-congruent and non-parallel sides

Quadri "Four" & Later-"side"

Polygon- it is a closed plane figure with atleast 3 straight sides

The Isosceles Trapezoid is the rebel of the quadrilaterals.

Types of Parallelograms

Types of Non-parallelograms


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