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Example:Lots of sports involve throwing or launching objects. Sports such as football, baseball and basketball. In athletics quadratics can be helpful. Foe exmaple if you are playing catch with one of your friends and you are about to throw the ball to her but you want to give her a precise time the ball will arive. In this situation you could use the velocity equation which calculates the height of the ball based on a quadratic equation. You may have never relized but quadratics are everywhere.

Parts of a Quadratic

Quadratics in the real world


By: Isabella Hagen


Vocab. Vertex: Minimum or Maximum point of the graph. To find the vertes you use the formula (-b/2a).Roots: The solution to the quadratic (x-intercept)Axis of Symmetry: The vertical line that intersects the vertex of the parabola. X-intercept: When the graph crosses the x-axisY-intercept: when the graph crosses the y-axis.

Comparison Forms of a parabola: Standard: y=ax^2+bx+cVertex: y=a(x-h)^2+kComparing graphs: For example of you wanted to compare two baseball players to see whose ball was in the air the longest. You could graph out their two quadratic equations and then determine whose ball went higher. You could also set the players equations to zero and determine the intercepts.

Video Games Related to Quadratics

Quadratics on your Smartphone Bad piggies: Bad piggies is a game that you can purchase on your smartphone or tablet. In this game you have to launch piggies out onto targets. You can use quadratics in this game to find initial height/ velocity, speed, time in air and maximum hight reached. I bet you did not know this game involved quadratics. Paper toss: Paper toss is also a game you can download onto your tablet or smartphone. In this game you have to throw paper into a trash can. To precisly make it into the trash can you can use quadratics to dtermine the initial height/ velocity, speed, time in air and maximum hight reached. Who knew you could use quadratics while playing games.

Comparison of 2 Quadratics


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