Quadratics Project

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Algebra I

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Quadratics Project

Real life example:

By BellaMeyerP5

Quadratics project

The space between the legsof the Eiffel tower forms aparabola!

Vertex: 0,4Axis of Symmetry: 0Solutions (X-Intercepts): (-1.1,0) (1.1,0)Y intercept: 4Domain: All realRange: 4 > y


The graph opens up at the bottom for thisequation because the "a" value is negative.

AOS: -b / 2(a)For -3x^2+4 a cThere is no b. b = 00/2(-3)0/-60AOS = 0

How to solve quad. by factoring for x intercept.

How to find the vertex:First, you find the axis of symmetry, which is explained in the box to the left. The x coordinate will be your AOS number. Next, you replace all of the x's in the equation with the x intercept. For this example it would be:-3x^2+4-3(0)^2+40+44The vertex is 0,4

Vertex: -4,-1Axis of Symmetry: -4Solutions: (5,0) (3,0)Y intercept: 0,15Domain: All realRange: y > -1

AOS:-b / 2(a)x^2+8x+15 a b c-8 / 2 (1)-8 / 2-4AOS: -4



The graph opens up at the top because the "a" value is positive.


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