Quadratic Project

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Algebra I

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Quadratic Project

Quadratic ProjectBy: Delaney Woolard

Function 2

Function 1



Minimum Parabola:Vertex: ( -1.4, 5)Axis of Summetry: -1.4Solutions: x>-1.4 x<-1.4Y Intercept: ( 0, -4)Domain: all real #'sRange: all real #'s greater than or equal to -6.25

Maximum Parabola:Vertex: (0, 2)Axis of Summetry: 0Solutions: x> 0 x<0Y Intercept: (0,2)Domain: all real #'sRange: y is less than or equal to 2

The top of a firework is a real-life example of a parabola

Table 2: x y 1 1 2 -2 3 -7 4 -14 5 -23

Table 1: x y 1 0 2 6 3 14 4 24 5 36

To get range, look for the highest and lowest values. Domain will always be all real numbers unless there are variables in your final data.

To get the vertex, plug in your AOS and the answer is your second coordinate and the AOS is your first coordinate

To get solution, multiply your a and c values then find the factors that when added would equal the b value. Factor those out and set the equations to 0. Solve the equation and thats your solution. (Always has two answers)

To get axis of symetry use-b/2a for the numbers from your equation

You can tell if a parabola is curving up or down by if a>0 the parabola opens up if a<0 parabola opens down


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