Quadratic equations, functions and parabolas

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Algebra I

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Quadratic equations, functions and parabolas


Quadratic equations, functions and parabolas

Use in economics

Use in architecture

Gateway Arch in St. Louis, USA

L'oceanografic in Valencia, Spain

- Parabolas are constantly used in architecture to make some buildings with interesting shapes such as L'Oceanographic.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA

Hanging bridges are the most stable ones because of the suspension and tension the parabolic string brings to its design.

- Some of the uses of parabolas in architecture are: domes, arches, suspension cables on bridges, fountains design and even roller coasters. - They are used to provide support to the structures of the buildings.

- The use of parabolas in economics is very common. - One example is in average total costs. - This graphs are shaped like a parabola and its values are output and cost.


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