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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

(Preliminary collage magazine on the left and Final music magazine on the right.)

For my front covers I feel like I did more detailed research for my genre, type of audience and deconstructions of similar existing magazines for my music magazine more than I did at the start with the preliminary one. I feel like doing that much research and Preparation helped me a lot more than when I was doing my prelim magazine as I felt a lot more confident and sure of what I was suppose to do and put into my music magazine. I think in my prelim magazine the cohesiveness between the front cover and contents page was visible through graphics and colour schemes. However in my final magazine I think I developed my skills enough to make my font cover, content page and DPS cohesive with each other with subtle changes in layout, conventions and colour scheme. I think I have learnt a lot more in how to use fonts and text sizes more appropriately in my magazine as I used a lot of different fonts and sizes in my prelim which did not make it look like a real magazine enough however I have stuck to using 2 main fonts for my final magazine which makes it look a lot more professional , as well as I have found out using smaller size text is better as it gives the impression their is a lot of information which I have realised in my final cover. For the mast head since the prelim where I used a font from Photoshop and just bevelled and embossed it, I have imported a font from a website and added effects on that makes a much more aesthetically pleasing cover. At the beginning of this project while doing my prelim I thought my biggest weakness was the colour scheme as I put in one to many colours and the cohesiveness between the front cover and content page was lost, however that later became one of my top strong points in my final magazine as I limited it to only 2 colours and it worked and reflected my genre and the artist really well.

In my prelim content page I didn’t think I did enough research into what goes into the content page though for my final content page I feel that I prepared and was ready enough to know what I was doing. I think my prelim content page was cohesive with it’s front cover through the colour scheme and I have improved that by making my final content page subtly cohesive with it’s front cover through it’s colour scheme as well as the type of layout which suits a music magazine and it’s genre of ‘Indie’. In my prelim content page I didn’t use the same fonts and number sizes where really diverse which didn’t help the cohesiveness and finish look too well. Though In my Final content page I did and the over all look was nice and worked well with the front cover. The layouts between the two are really different but that may be a result from what type of magazine they both are as the prelim one was a collage magazine so the layout fitted that style, then my final one was a music magazine which the layout worked well with my chosen genre of Indie. I think my strength in the prelim task was the type of images I took as they were in different locations and poses, though in my final my strength was the overall layout as it came the easiest as I knew what went where. My weakness in the prelim was my layout as I thought everything looked a bit messy however in final I think my weakness was the type content to put in my description for each artist.

When first started my DPS my initial thought were if I would have time as I didn’t do it before. Also I thought it would be difficult to be able to write all the content though because of my research and preparation I was able to do it easily. I think overall my final magazine fit my age range of 17-25 and I took a verity of different shots with different Mise-en-scene really well. I think my strength was the quality and as whole image of my artist, however my weakness which I was able to over come in the end was the layout.



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