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Animal DescriptionPythons may grow up to 10 feet.The color pattern is a reddish brown for the background,over laid with regular white or cream colored bands and spots. The belly is yellowish. Pythons slither slowly. About three months after mating. The python will lay a few eggs.

HabitatPythons live in Asia, Africa and Australia. Those are the continents that pythons live in. Pythons also live in rainforests, savanas and deserts. Pythons have lots of food there so that is why they live there.

DIETThe python is a carnivore. It eats rats, birds, frogs, and mice.Some animals eat pythons. Those animals are eagles, owls, and foxes.

ADAPTIONSAfter a python catches an animal it will squeeze it until it dies. Then they will swallow it whole. A python does not have venom. Pythonsdo not have legs,arms and ears instead they slither quietly on the ground this allows them to catch their prey easier. They use their tongues to smell.

Human Impact People killl snakes becasue they are afraid of them. Snakes are hit by cars on the road. Snakes are captured to make shoes and bags. Snake charmers also capture snakes for entertainment. Snake Charmers take out the snakes teeth so the snake can't bite them. This is bad for the snake and this hurts them.


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