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Algebra I

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Pythagoras was born in 570 BC, in Samos, Greece. His parents were Pythais and Mnesarchus, and it is thought that he had two or three brothers. Pythagoras got a good education in school as a child, and traveled to many different places with his father. It is said that he had three philosophers as his teachers- Pherekydes, Thales, and Anaximander. All of their teachings had a big impact on him and influenced his life quite a bit. When he was older, he traveled to Egypt, adopted several customs from the Egyptians, and learned a lot about geometry from them as well. Soon after that, he was taken prisoner in Babylon, but ended up returning to Samos and founding a school, which was called the semicircle. Pythagoras ended up leaving for Italy, establishing another school called Croton, and became the head of the society, with an inner cirlce of people known as mathematikoi. They had strict rules and were very secretive, so it is hard to tell the work of Pythagoras from that of his colleagues. He studied music, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy. Pythagoras also wrote several theorems, including his most famous one. Later in life, he visited Pheredykes when he was sick, to help nurse him. Right at the end of his life, Croton was attacked, and it is said that Pythagoras escaped and commited suicide because of what had happened to his society. As you can see, he was a very noble man, and extremely dedicated to his work.


570 BC - Pythagoras was born in Samos, Greece 535 BC -Left Samos and travelled to Egypt 525 BC - Made prisoner and taken to Babylon520 BC -Gained freedom; returned to Samos518 BC - Travelled to Italy 495 BC- Pythagoras Died in Metapontum, Italy

Pyhtagoras made important discoveries in music, astronomy and medicine. As a Greek philosopher and mathmetician, he was able to create the Pythagorean Theorem. Because of his wonderful theorem, he has been accepted into the Mathematics Hall of Fame. His discovery has enabled us to find the hypotenuse of right triangles.

Lasting Impact

Pythagoras had a big lasting impact on the world. His theorem about right triangles is still used today, for building, videogames (believe it or not), 3-D geometry, trigonometry, geometry, and algebra. A new lifestyle has been created around his many beliefs on discipline, religion, and diets,so he definitely deserves this award!


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Mathematics Hall of Fame



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