Pythagoras' theorem with knowledge processes

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Pythagoras' theorem with knowledge processes

By Naming With TheoryAsked how to find Given the formula forthe hypotenuse for Pythagoras' theorema set of right angled triangles. Have to fill in the spots in the theoremWrite down how to with measurementsfind the hypotenuse from examplefor a triangle triangles

The new

FunctionallyFind the square of each side and put them in a table.Add the two short side squares together in another column in your table.Do you notice anything with the long side square and the two short side squares added together?

Teaching Pythagoras' Theoremwith the knowledge processes

The knownUse your cubes to make a right angled triangle on the grid paper!Remember that a right angle is a 90 degree angle.Trace the inside of the triangle when you make it!Is it hard to make a perfect right angled triangle with the cubes?

ExperiencingThe knownThe new

ConceptualisingBy NamingWith Theory


AppropriatelyCreate a triangle from two pieces.Measure and make the hypotenuse to complete the triangle

CreativelyPlan a house made out of triangle pieces.Figure out the lengths of each side for every piece.Build your house out of balsa wood and hot glue


CriticallyHow would Pythagoras' theorem be applied?


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