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There is a bent pyramid located in eyahur, in the middle of the middle of the construction, the building was too steep to keep going on with the process. So the top half of the pyramid is a slope.

PYRAMIDSBy: Emma Nelson,Emma Dickard, Alex Perkins

Pyramids have sloping sides so that the kings/queens could climb the sides, go to the sky, and live forever. Pyramids represented rays of the sun.

Fun fact

Pyramids were built for pharaohs and their queens when they die. There are 80 pyramids standing today.

A pharaoh named Djoser had a big stone pyramid built in Saqqara in the third dynasty. This pyramid has many steps/ layers.

The 3 largest and best preserved pyramids were built in the beggining of the old kingdom in Giza.The word pyramid comes from the greek word pyramis which means "wheat cake".

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This is an ancient egyptian pyramid.

This is a picture of a step pyramid.

This is what the inside of a pyramid looks like.

A bent pyramid in Ancient Egypt.

Map of Ancient Egypt.

This video is about Ancient Egyptian pyramids.


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