Pyramids and Castles

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Pyramids and Castles

Comparing Castles and Pyramids


Why were castles built?-they were built for the royal family to live in.-they were built for defences during war.

Why were Pyramids built?-They were built to house the dead bodies of the pharaohs.-He wanted to be buried in a place of importance with his belogings.

Where were pyramids built?-They were built in the country of Africa.-They were built in the provices lower and upper Egypt.-Also beside the Nile River.

How were pyramids built?-They made ramps to carry the blocks to the top.-They used logs to move the bricks around to get to the pyramids.-They did't use technology.

How were castles built?-They used lime stones.-Mostly everything was done by hand.

What are the parts of the pyramids?-Burial chamber-Chamber-Lower and upper descending passage-Cause way-Mortuary

What are the parts of the castles?-keep,bailey,moat-buttress,battlements-ramparts,arrow loops,drawbridge,portcullis,barbican

Special facts about castles-The castles is use to protect the lord and his family- castles kept their ale in the buttery

Who might be parts of life involving in castles?-life in the castle was for the lord's family-was also for knights and squires,pages

Who might be apart of life involving pyramids?-No one was really involved with pyramids because they put the mummies inside and left.-The only people involved were the dead mummies.

Intresting facts-The first pyramid ever built was the pyramid of Djoser.-The largest pyramid built was the pyramid of Giza.-Speacial masks were made for the pharohs for when they died .

Where were castles built?-one of the castles were built in europe.-castles were also built in steep hills.


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