[2015] Zach Zach: Pyramid of Giza

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[2015] Zach Zach: Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of Giza

Why build the Pyramid of Giza?The Great Pyramid was built as a tomb for the Egyptian Pharoh Khufu. It has three burial chambers. One was built into the bedrock underground. The queens chamber was built higher and kings was even higher. Khufu did not plan to use the Queen's chamber of one of his wife but instead for a statue of himself.

What was used to build the Pyramids?The Pyramid of Giza was built by using about 2.3 million limestone blocks. It was thought to weigh about 5.9 million tonnes.It was built on rocky land on the west bank of the Nile, Northern Egypt.

Who and When ?Three pryamids where built at Giza. The pharaohs that built them where Menkaure, Khufu and Khafre. King Khufu, built th largest pyramid and named it 'the Great Pyramid'. The Pyramids of Giza are beleived to have built between 2575 - 2465 BC period.

Pharoh Menkaure

Pharoh Khafre

Interesting fact- The foundations of the pyramids have a socket and ball structure. This makes them strong and to withstand earthquakes.- Great Pyramid of Giza was known in acient times as Khufu's Horizon.- Has four faces that are concave (curved). This the only pyramid like this.


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