Pyramid History

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Pyramid History

The Pyramids

The Ancinet Egyptians built grand pyramids as tombs for their special kings and queens. They had thousands of people building these grand tombs. Most of the workers consisted of the farmers who farms had flooded in the Nile, engineers, carpeters, stonecutters, and slaves who were watched over by surveyors. Some of the most famous pyramids went to the most famous kings, such as the Great Pyramid for King Khufu.

What is a Pyramid?

Inside of the Egyptian Pyramid

It took a long time to build a pyramid this grand. Using stone, especially limestone, they made a square base facing the north. To find out the amount of stone used for this pyramid and the angles necessary, they would have to make advances in mathematics. For math, they invented a number system using the base of 10 and used fractions and whole numbers to add, subtract, and divide.When the site was chosen, the workers went where ever they could find stone and used copper tools to cut the stone in big blocks. The other workers tied that stone to a wooden sled which they pulled to the Nile,over a 'path' made with logs. Then, they loaded them onto barges that went to the building site. Afterwards, they had to unload them and drag or push them on ramps that put the stone in place. Imagine doing that a million times!!

How Were Pyramids Built

There were many corriders or areas that had to do with a king's pyramid. Down below, they are all listed. 1. Air Shaft- It has been suggested that the air shaft was used to ventilate the monument when people were building. Historians aren't quite sure, though. 2. King's Burial Chamber- This was the place where the king's mummified body was placed. This was in the center of the pyramid and was where the golden items fit for a king were placed alongside him. 3. The Grand Gallery- This is a dignified hall that held the giant granite blocks that blocked entry way to the tomb. 4. Queen's Burial Chamber- This wasn't where the queen's body was held. Instead a statue of the king lay here, again showing the immense power he had. 5. Entrance- The entrance was built facing the north, so that when the sun angled correctly the sun shown on his face marking him as a sun god as well. 6. Underground Burial Chamber- Sometimes, the king was buried down here inside of in his burial chamber. 7- Queen's Pyramids- Outside of the king's pyramid were smaller pyramids that were meant for the king's wives. He may have had more than one and each wife had her own pyramid of burial. 8. Mastaba- This was another tomb, not pyramid, that held the royal family members or other highly respected nobles. The all had tombs beacuse they were not great enough to have their own pyramid. 9. Valley Temple- This temple was used for the rituals the priest may have preformed before the king was laid in his death bed.

The Corriders

Amazing video

To see an amazing video, go to and check out Building the Pyramids!


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