Pygmy Genocide

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Pygmy Genocide

Thousand of Pygmies were brutally raped, murdered and even eaten. Rebels and othere groups such as the "Erasers". Pgymies were believed to have special powers that could heal diseaes and ailments, you either have to eat there meat or have sex with pygmy women. At the start there were 500,000 thousand now there are only about 200,000 pgymies still left. Rebels will kill pygmies and eat them and sell the meat on the street so people can have the powers they posses. Rebels will also rape women and children to get the powers, or force pygmy men to rape women of the community to see there exchange of powers. They would also burn towns while they slept they would round up the children and put them in mortar and beat them to death. They rebels wanted the land the pgymies occupied this is one of the reasons this is happening to them, along with there size, the way they live and the way they look. The area in which this is happening is rich in natural resources, so developed countries do not want to intervene in fear of losing these resources and there ecomony will fa


1960's- France granted independce to Central African Rep. throwing them into chaos1996- first congolese war starts1997-war ends1998-second congolese war starts 2003-second congolese war ends2003-2011-Pygmy Rep. Makelo, tell the UN about what is going on Present- Pygmies still being murderd, raped and eaten

Nine pgymy women were getting firewood in the woods when about 20 armed rebels came upon them with orders from there commander they raped these women with 2-3 men per womenA man stumbled upon a rebel camp where he saw soliders cut off meat of dead pygmies, then they roasted it over a fire to eatRebels waited for a town to fall asleep then barged in set houses on fire as women and young girls were running out they forced them to the ground where they raped them then when all the adults were murdered they rounded up the children in to a mortar and brutally beat them to death


This happened to them because of the way the look, live and act. They regarded them as "subhuman", also believed pygmy people posses special powers, rebels also wanted the land in which they occupy.


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Pygmy Genocide

What Happened?


The Mbuti: Children of the Forest


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