Pygmalion/My Fair Lady

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Pygmalion/My Fair Lady

Pygmalion & My Fair Lady

Main Characters

Eliza Doolittle- A low-class flower girl who attempts to learn how to speak properly. Henry Higgins- An expert in phonetics, dialects, and accents who attempts to transfrom Eliza into a duchess. Colonel Pickering- Comes to England to meet Higgins and he ends up helping Higgins with Eliza. He treats Eliza very well and respects her. Alfred Doolittle- Eliza's father who is a dustman. Mrs. Higgins- Higgins' mother who doesn't approve of the experiment on Eliza. Mrs. Pearce- Higgins' housekeeper who helps Eliza out throughout the story. Freddy Eynsford-Hill- Mrs. Eynsford-Hill's son who falls in love with Eliza.


Pygmalion takes place in London, England. The time period of the story is the late 1800's into the early 1900's.


One of the main themes from this play is to always treat people the same, regardless of their social status. In this play, Higgins treats Eliza poorly and never respects her. On the other hand, Pickering is always nice and treats Eliza with respect. At the end of the play, Eliza thanks Pickering for teaching manners and how to treat people with respect. She claims she never would've learned that from Higgins.

Critical Perspective

Archetype critical perspective is used in this play. The play focuses on creating a girl, which follows a myth. The play was inspired by the myth of Pygmalion. Also, Marxist critism is used in this play. The play clearly exemplifies the different social classes that exist in this time period. It shows low class people such as the Doolittles all the way up to the high class people like Henry Higgins.


Henry Higgins, the phonetics expert, believes that he can transform Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl, into a duchess in a matter of months. Henry Higgins is assisted by Colonel Pickering, who is an expert of Indian dialects. The story progresses as the two attempt to transform her. Higgins treats her harshly while Pickering is nice and treats her with respect. Eliza is introduced to Freddy at a get together and Freddy falls in love with Eliza. The task is completed and Eliza is transformed. Eliza goes missing and is thought to have ran away. Eliza thanks Pickering for always treating her nicely and she threatens Higgins to go work against him. Freddy and Eliza end up getting married and Eliza opens her own flower shop like she always planned on doing.

This is the scene when Eliza first comes to Higgins' house. She is forced to take a bath and put nicer clothes on.

6-Word StoryFlower girl into duchess in months.

Text to self compare/contrastI compare myself to the characters in this play because I like to be controlling sometimes. I can relate to Higgins because he always wants to be in control. I also contrast to him because I never disrespect people the way he does. Me and Pickering are similar in the way we treat others.

Pygmalion/My Fair Lady Compare/ContrastThe storyline of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady are almost identical. The only main and noticeable differnece is that the My Fair Lady is a musical. It completly changes your prespective on the characters. The characters appear to be meaner in the book than in the movie. I beleive this is because the movie is a musical.

Current EventLarge fast-food franchises are required to pay workers a 15$ minimum wage in New York after the State Labor Comissioner signed the order. This was done because experts say it will add fairness to our economy for those who have lived in poverty for too long. This relates to pygmalion because the book inclided the difference social classes. It shows Eliza changing from one social class to another, just like what these workers are going to be doing.


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