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Pygmalion Statue

Characters:Eliza Doolittle, Mrs. Pearce, Henry Higgins, Colonel Pickering, Mrs. Higgins, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, Mrs. Eynsford-Hill, Alfred Doolittle, Clara Eynsford-Hill

Outline:Pygmalion is about a low class girl who is taken in by a wealthy man to change her social standing. This ends up becoming a journey through the social class system. It proves much harder to make that change than expected. Tension continues to rise as more people throughout the story begin to switch classes, unaware of the consequences that are bound to follow.

Setting:London, England.The time period was during the early 20th century.

Theme:This story is not just a tale of lovers, but instead something much deeper. Shaw shows us that divide that we hold in society. The social divide between rich and poor. Shaw shows us that no matter how hard we try to rid society of the constant segregation, we will all always be stuck. Humans will always be stuck to confine to the rules of society that will never be broken.

Critical Perspective:A marxists outlook is put into place very early in this book. The book opens with a rich man taking in a poor girl as if there was no divided in the classes. Although the classes were outlined throughout the book as Higgins looked down on Eliza and treated himself as a much superior human being.

ContrastIn the play Eliza is dressed in a Kimono, while in the movie she is wearing European stly clothing. Overall the idea of the play and the movie were two different ideas as the play was a dram while the movie seemed to be more of a love story. Also Shaw's story provides sympathy for Eliza as she is consantly emotionally abused by Higgins, and the movie shows her running back to Higgins in a more stereotypical women serving men manner.

CompareThese stoies are very much similiar to one another. Both Shaw's Pygmalion and My Fair Lady have the same basic idea of a poor girl reforming into an elegant woman. Both stories show that evident devide between rich and poor.


My Fair Lady

Stuck in classes, but breaking free.

Text to Self Compare:This story relates to me because I have seen this swap of social classes take place among my family. We have taken our rise from once poor to high middle class. It has been a great accomplishmen that you dont see happening every day, and I got to be a part of that transformation.

Text to Self Contrast:This story does not relate to my situation because it shows a hatred for middle class. Although its not as easy as rich or poor, I am very much happy with my social stnding. I would rather be part of middle class over poor more than anything. I wated everything to get away from that poor standing and into a middle class situation.

Current Event:I was able to directy link Pygmalion to the ongoing issue with welfare and the battle to rise minimum wage. Poor people are perfectly happy where they are and dont take efforts to progress in a higher social standing. Most poor people take efforts to be given things such as benefits from the government and higher pay for less work.

Eliza's Small Talk


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