Pygmalion Vs. My Fair Lady

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Pygmalion Vs. My Fair Lady

Eliza Doolittle Henry HigginsColonel Pickering

Pygmalion- My Fair Lady

London England, Early 20th Century

Tone: Pickering has a very calm tone throughout the play.Alliteration: "I'm willing to tell you. I'm wanting to tell you, I'm wanting to tell you"Onomotapia: "AWWWWOOOAHH"Irony: The reader expects Eliza to fall in love with Higgins, but she falls in love with Freddy.

-Social classes can wear one ragged.-The flower girl changes life's pace.

Universal Themes -Communication Throughout the story Liza focuses on working on her speech to advance in life. -LoveThere is an ongoing love story between Liza and Freddy. -Ignorance and Knowledge Liza and Higgins often argur about Liza's "incompetence."

Eliza Doolittle, a common flower girl, seeks out two upperclass linguist to help teach her proper english.

Marxist PerspectivePygmalion and My Fair Lady can be related to the Marxist way of critical perspective because Eliza feels the need to better her speech to advance socially, and politically.

Feminist PerspectivePygmalion and My Fair Lady can be viewed through a feminist perspective because Eliza keeps control of her situation and demands respect and equality from Higgins

Archetype Eliza is the Social Outcast. People often blame her for societal problems due to her speech

Like Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion I, being from the South, am sometimes judged for my accent. I also can be considered stubborn. Unlike Eliza I don't consider accents a burden. Eliza also tends to overreact which is very opposite from my level-headedness.

Current EventWhen immigrant workers come to the United states they are often encouraged to minimize their accents much like Eliza changed to work in a real flower shop.

My Fair Lady Vs. Pygmalion Similarities - Both the movie and play place Eliza as a flower girl on the street outside of a party.-Alfred Doolittle is considered a drunk in the movie and play.

My Fair Lady Vs. Pygmalion Differences-There is no Clara Einsford Hill in My Fair Lady.-In the end of My Fair Lady Eliza returns to Higgins which does not actually happen-


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