Pygmalion vs. My Fair Lady

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Pygmalion vs. My Fair Lady

Pygmalion vs. My Fair Lady

CHARACTERSThe rude educator, Prof. Higgins.The squashed cabbage leaf, Eliza Doolittle.The rich gentleman, Colnel Pickering

From ghetto life to rich wife.

-I'm like Higgins, in the fact that he treats everyone the same way. -I'm like Eliza in the fact that she makes really weird noises.-I'm not like Colnel Pickering in the fact that he is loaded and likes to give his money away.-I'm not like Higgins who is over-the-top rude to everyone he meets.

She can sing, dance, and speak.

PlotPygmalion and My Fair Lady are about a squashed cabbage leaf of a girl, Eliza, taken up by snobby, rich, educated, man in London, Mr.Higgins, to learn to speak like a real lady.

Comparison-Clara Eynsford-Hill wasn't anywhere in the movie.-They didn't dance at the party in the book.-After Eliza ran away she didn't revisit her old home in the book.-There wasn't a backstory on Alfred Doolitle in the book.-Shaw didn't talk about specific phonetic machines in the book.

In July 2014 a new play version of My Fair Lady was shown at the Flat Rock Playhouse in NC.

Setting: London1912

I think the book Pygmalion has a Feminist veiw on it because throughout the story the flower girl, Eliza, is worn down by two old men and finally in act five she snaps and takes control of her life.

Themes-transformation- the entire book is about transforming the flower girl into an Eliza.-manners- Pickering has exquisite manners. -class- you have to have class to succeed in this society.


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